Michael Geoffrey Jones plays "Train in Vain" in a public library

Here's some random old dude at the library playing The Clash's "Train in Vain."

(Via Open Culture)


  1. Crap, that makes me feel old.  Saw him late Clash and early B.A.D., fantastic shows. Wish I hadn’t seen that. Shouldn’t he at least have played it on an acoustic and worn a beret like other old balding rockers?

      1.  You’re mistaking Mic Jones for Joe Strummer, who started as a busker with a ukelele (true story).

    1. Personally I wish we could get past the insistence that music should only be made by people under 30. 

    2. Crap, that makes me feel old.

      If you saw them (like I did), then you are old. He’s old. It happens.

      But he’s still cool. Cool changes with age.

        1. Pescovitz has been re-buying The Clash on vinyl lately and loving it. I am going to pull out my old 101ers albums soon and give it a listen.

          1. Go for it, Mark.  I’m 99% vinyl lately and it’s great.  Fixing up turntables for family members who have orphan records, too.  Some things need the hiss and crackle that we’re familiar with.

          2.  If you haven’t, check out both “West Way of the World” & “The future is Unwritten” Clash documentaries.  In the former, Mick says in a interview shortly before Joe died that he wished he had been mature enough to keep the band going. Give you the sniffles.

            I’ll argue London Calling is the best double album ever released, and they wrote and recorded it in a few weeks. 

  2. A “random old dude?”

    Dont forget, all of us original Clash fans are “old dudes” as are the remaining band members.

    Show some respect for your elders, ya punk.

    1.  I believe that, in aeronautical terms, when something goes that far over your head, it’s technically in orbit.

    1. I forget where I saw video of a recent performance (Coachella?) – BAD is still killing it live.  I don’t know if they are currently touring, but if you get a chance to see them live, do it!

  3. thank you. completely changed where my head has been all day. now off to drive my cheesy german car with the only band that matters blaring ridiculously loud out the windows. (and yes mark, you are older than me… but not by much and I had an older sister who took me to see the clash in austin ’82)

  4. It’s striking that Mick Jones looks genuinely happy, not just in this video.

    And what kind of idiot keeps shouting when goddamn Mick Jones is singing?

  5. man, he’s better than EVERYTHING (except Elbow and The Who and Ray Davies – even if his singing was way off) at that horrible Olympics closing show. As good as the Opening Ceromony was, tonite was bloody fucking awful.

    1. Wait!  Ray Davies played at the Closing ceremonies? #NBCFail  Also, wasn’t Muse doing something as part of it?  Not from what I saw on US coverage.  (I’m not fond of Muse, but if they played, I’d like to have seen it.)

      Crap – those bastards went from Madness to the cover of Parklife to The Pet Shop Boys (West End Girls – a waaay complicated choice for this show – kudos) to the boy band to Stomp, then to commercials. When they came back from commercials, the athletes were entering.

      Apparently, we didn’t get the Muse or (to quote the Wikipedia article), “Ray Davies, Elbow, Kaiser Chiefs, Ed Sheeran (with Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Mike Rutherford of Genesis and Richard Jones of The Feeling)” Nada, zip, zilch.


      1. If you also didn’t get George Michael performing his *new single* (!?) and Beady Eye murdering ‘Wonderwall’ I’d say NBC did you a favour.

      2.  Holy crap NBC sucks. We watched the CTV one (what with being Canadian and all) and from lists I’ve seen online, the only thing we missed was the second George Michael song. (I guess that ‘missed’ should be in quotation marks…)

  6. Didn’t  someone once say:

    “Weddings, parties, anything…  And bongo-jazz a speciality!”

  7. Ummmm…Morgane….Did you not see Eric Idle singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”?

  8. That’s not “some random old dude”, that’s yet another “balding old git”! As one to another.

    Everyone has there favourite but my ear worm is still “Lost in the Supermarket”. I seem to hear it every time I go to Tescos.

  9. Huge Clash/B.A.D. fan and had that “they are too old” mentality until I bit the bullet and saw B.A.D. live at Brooklyn Bowl.  They were better than 99% of the “kids” playing out there now.

    I miss Strummer.  Could you imagine the Clash closing the Olympics with London Calling?  I would have dismissed that only a couple of years ago but after what I saw last night it would have rocked.

    Check this out. http://youtu.be/hp8v__sDemQ

    1.  I dunno,  London Calling is a pretty bleak song.    It would be like Americans celebrating with “Born In The USA”.

      …Oh wait,  we do that all the time.

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