1863 Manhattan brought to life in miniatures, to retell the story of the Draft Riots for "Copper" (video)

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Director Joe Sabia, who collaborates with us on the Boing Boing video channel for Virgin America, says:

To promote BBC America's Copper, we turned 1863 Manhattan into miniatures to detail the events of the Draft Riots. Our second production for Four Story Treehouse.

Epic. An earlier spot Joe and co. did for BBC America's "Planet Earth" was equally awesome, as was this "story of sushi" produced with miniatures.


    1. Gangs of New York (the movie) put me on Google Maps and Wikipedia for hours to figure out and learn what deal was with the now-historical Five Points. I could use more.

      1. Oh, I don’t disagree.  I didn’t actually like the movie that much, but I do think it’s yet another example of Martin Scorsese perfecting something in the world of visual storytelling & getting stylistically ripped off yet again.

        Every boxing film after Raging Bull ripped it’s style from Raging Bull.  Ditto with every criminal drama set in 19th century NYC; a nod to Gangs of New York must be made.  Doubt Coppers would have ever gotten to production otherwise.

  1. What I am wondering is how the New York Times newspaper got 2 Gatling guns to protect itself from the rioters.


      Not meaning to sound like a gun nut here. Just pointing out how Citizens United and Scalia’s interpretation of the Second Amendment could lead to some weird outcomes. I am involved in what may be a major event at the local Koch office, I’d much rather face the cops than Koch grenadiers.

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