1863 Manhattan brought to life in miniatures, to retell the story of the Draft Riots for "Copper" (video)


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  1. BarBarSeven says:

    Gangs of New York… Just saying.

    • EH says:

      Gangs of New York (the movie) put me on Google Maps and Wikipedia for hours to figure out and learn what deal was with the now-historical Five Points. I could use more.

      • BarBarSeven says:

        Oh, I don’t disagree.  I didn’t actually like the movie that much, but I do think it’s yet another example of Martin Scorsese perfecting something in the world of visual storytelling & getting stylistically ripped off yet again.

        Every boxing film after Raging Bull ripped it’s style from Raging Bull.  Ditto with every criminal drama set in 19th century NYC; a nod to Gangs of New York must be made.  Doubt Coppers would have ever gotten to production otherwise.

  2. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    What I am wondering is how the New York Times newspaper got 2 Gatling guns to protect itself from the rioters.


      Not meaning to sound like a gun nut here. Just pointing out how Citizens United and Scalia’s interpretation of the Second Amendment could lead to some weird outcomes. I am involved in what may be a major event at the local Koch office, I’d much rather face the cops than Koch grenadiers.

  3. kmoser says:

    Wow, that was nicely done. Good use of miniatures.

  4. The credits recognize Lori Nix as one of the set designers. I was introduced to her through a previous Boing Boing post by Mark Frauenfelder. Always wonderful work from her.

  5. Atilla McGee says:

    But couldn’t they get an actual American to narrate, ratha than a Brit putting on a half-assed  Ameddican accent?

  6. giantasterisk says:

     The clip stops just before Wallace and Grommit pop out of that trash can.

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