For his birthday, (almost) all of Alfred Hitchcock's cameos

In honor of Alfred Hitchcock's birthday - which would have been his 113th - here is a very decent compilation of nearly all the cameos made by the Master of Suspense. He may not have been an angel, but he made us some pretty excellent movies, in which he made some pretty clever cameos. (via Roger Ebert's Journal, Chicago Sun-Times)


    1. Nobody said that you can’t scream obscenities at your monitor while the video is running.

        1. I am picturing your splendid mane dancing in the wind as you gallop into the sunset, strong, wild, free.

    2. The great thing about art: you can enjoy it without having to be in the same room as the artist. Or, if you’re the artist, you can share it without having to be in the same room as the viewers.

      I love Groucho, and hate cigars.

  1. Lifeboat was a tough one. I already knew he was in the weight loss newspaper ad though.

    I would also recommend Family Plot. Who knew Hitchcock could make a standard 1970’s action comedy? 

  2. Yeah, I heard he was a bastard.  THat said his Cameos are classier then then Jarring Stan Lee Cameos

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