If typists were robots (1935)


(via Weird Universe and Wishbook's Flickr)


  1. It appears that even in the 30’s, the geeks of the day were trying to make robotic girlfriends. 

  2.  Robo-Sexism….   I bet they wouldn’t have even considered hiring a black or gay robot back in those days.

  3. This particular sexist stereotype, which this ad illustrates well enough, was still in place as late as 1989.  In the Marine Corps, a Gunny asked for a typist out of a work pool of casuals on their way to somewhere else.  I raised my hand.  He wouldn’t consider it because only female Marines knew how to type.  ?????  wtf?  Since when?

  4. Yeah, a lot of the old typewriters had a lever to adjust the force required to push a key down so you could customise it for your hand strength.  Yet another way in which modern interfaces look ergonomically sad in comparison to their ancestors.

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