Look at this solar trike tear down the road


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  1. mkanoap says:

    Man, I hate it when a folly coupling spuriously breaks.

  2. Michael Curran says:

    I don’t know if I buy this. I’d imagine that you’d never get enough power to pull that. Well, unless you coupled a phase inverter to the induction relay of each of the solar nacelles, that might work.

    • mkanoap says:

       That would only work if you added a flux capacitor inline to smooth out the fluxification.

      • Jer_00 says:

         If I could get my hands on a decent flux capacitor, do you think I’d be fiddling around with solar cells?  I think hooking a Mr Fusion up to my trike would give me enough power, thank you very much.

      • Michael Curran says:

        No good, the bilateral asymmetric osmotic pressure on the torsional capacitors  would shear them clean off! And let me tell you, nothing gets you laughed at more than suffering a trans-dermal torsional capacitor decoupling in the middle of the road. 

    • methodius says:

      But that, routed through the quiode network, would clearly overload the superconducting motor. If you modulated the phase variance through a subspace field dampener you might be able to compensate.

      • Michael Curran says:

        Only if you got the model with the pre-install deflector array.

        • Snig says:

          I think that might work, if you first reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.

          • Halloween_Jack says:

             Clearly what’s needed here is to use the solar-panel-generated electricity to create plasma that’s fed via the EPS conduits to the verterium cortenide coils in the nacelles to generate the proper subspace field imbalance for forward motion, with part of the EPS flow redirected to the inertial dampeners and structural integrity field for those really sharp corners. Did all of you sleep through Commander Scott’s course at the Academy? I swear, you should all have become ship’s counselors instead.

  3. nixiebunny says:

    That thing moves really fast downhill.  Uphill, it’s a good thing he left the pedals on.

  4. Gtmac says:

    I’m sure someone at Steorn is contacting this guy as we speak.

  5. eldritch says:

    I’mma get myself one of these right after I finish paying off my turbo encabulator!

  6. funkosopher says:

    Hey look, he’s selling the Brooklyn Bridge too!  Sweet.

    Seriously guys.  Guys.  Srsly.

  7. Kimmo says:

    Heh, I wasn’t sure he was taking the piss until he pointed out the fire extinguisher.

    Pretty dry : )

  8. Paul Bowen says:

    Loved the double sided carpet tape line! Funny.

    • DewiMorgan says:

       I don’t see what’s wrong with that. The air molecules will totally stick to that longer. I guess some will stick to it perfectly, but at some point, there’ll be some that just sort of roll slowly along it, like those sticky toys you used to be able to get, and throw at windows.

      Physics. That’s totally how it works!

      • carpet tape is all nice and sweet until it’s full of dust, and then what? Also, it limits radial motion of the air which in turn inhibits secondary flows, which means no proper corner separation, not lifting vortex, and you can’t properly go supersonic with that flat nose he’s got on the fan.
        This guy may have gotten lucky with a few cheap parts but I betcha in a few weeks that thing is gonna give him trouble.

        I’m still recommending getting a proper jet engine. might a bit heavier and louder but a lot more reliable, and it keeps cars at a distance if you’re riding in town traffic. If you’re one of those eco types, you can still feed it with biofuel, that’s solar power ftw.

  9. Scott Rose says:

    Would someone please show me the line  where I can get the two minutes of my life back, please!?

  10. Souse says:

    Got me at the ambient-temperature “superconducting” motor.

  11. Palomino says:

    Fusion whore! 

  12. bunkyboar says:

    To me, this comment stream is practically indistinguishable from the early-floyd vs. mid-floyd naval-gazing we did just a few days back.

  13. hakuin says:

    clearly, the elliptical cam gradually slid up the beam shaft and caught on the flange rebate

  14. paul beard says:

    How any days from April 1 are we?

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