Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Harlem World!

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  1. Ed, got  link to the “baw wit da baw” with Busy Bee? You will need a discography page with links when this is all done so that we may all travel through the history.

    1.  here they are, briefly, in the trailer of A Film About Jimi Hendrix.  their interviews in the full-length version are memorable for both their candor as well as their proto-b-boy mode of expression.  alas, the full version is behind a pay-wall.

      skip to 1:34

        1.  hey, man, I’m here to help.  and I was totally thinking “Tomax and Xamot” from the way you had them finishing each others’ sentences.  pretty funny.

  2. Great Ed! That fifth panel looks like it wants to be a panorama. Good range of color in this group.

  3. almost forgot:  am I to understand that Starski’s ride is an Oldsmobile 98?

    (2:08, for those who don’t know)

  4. I’m halfway through right now.  I love that he worked a skating rink, one of my winter jobs is an ice rink monitor.  Ice is the best.  Also, I love that the come-ups for his sound system crew were measured not just financially but also in terms of having to carry equipment.  One of the many reasons iPod jocks suck is that they have no fucking clue how spoiled they are in terms of laboring for their art.  my gigs were like 5 crates minimum and 2 techs weigh like 50 lbs or something.  help with gear was important to gig negotiations.

    also, Pesco just posted the animated video for Cavern, peep it:

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