Gotye's YouTube orchestra remix of "Somebody That I Used to Know"


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  1. Gerald Mander says:

    He’ll probably get a DMCA takedown notice from his record label.

  2. SedanChair says:


  3. Tai Steyn says:

    Can’t view it. Thanks, GEMA. Protecting my sensitive German sensibilities from fair use and a remix by the actual recording artist.

  4. nfojunky says:

    That was actually really well done! I wonder if Beck is looking to do something similar by releasing his most recent album only as a collection of sheet music.

    • tré says:

       That would be amazing. Even more ingenious than his “put out a sheet music ‘record’ in 2012″ and Gotye’s “remix everybody who isn’t me” ideas combined.

  5. anne cheevers says:

    absolutely brilliant :)

  6. noggin says:

    That was great.  Inspiring, even.  

    mindysan33…Upon seeing link, along with so many other uke things on Youtube, that I’m convinced now that the “ukulele movement” + Youtube = the new Punk music.  Thanks for that link.

  7. Listener43 says:

    I much prefer this remix. The piece loses something in the original.

  8. oasisob1 says:

    1. This is awesome.
    2. How many people are in a position to have it removed for copyright violations.
    3. How many people who aren’t in a position to have it removed (or have ads run over it) will still try?

  9. Robert says:

    And of course this monumental mix of Paranoid Android

  10. GrueHunter says:

    I guess some people are OK with being filthy thieves who steal other people’s music.  Why would I buy the original when I can listen to this for free?  It’s exactly the same as taking a car.  A nice car, not your car.  They’ve devalued the artist’s entire catalogue. 

    I’ve calculated the value of the damages owed to the artist’s representative.  I respectfully demand the sum payment of the Moon and all its territorial rights in perpetuity.

  11. noah django says:

    ubiquitous?  this is the first time I’m hearing it.  like the other song says, “don’t get around much anymore…”

  12. DeanCutlet says:

    This brought a tear to my eye.  It’s an obvious thank you to fans, especially the ones that took the time to learn and play the song.  Gotye’s a wonderful man and artist.

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