Mulberry's beastly photo campaign

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UK fashion house Mulberry's latest campaign is a forest fairytale shot by famed British fashion photog and Vogue mainstay Tim Walker. The photos are fantastic but I hope those wild things run like hell given that Mulberry's autumn/winter line is all about the fur. (via SuperPunch)


  1. What kind of animal did that fur come from? My first guess was Sasquatch, but maybe mastodon or muskox?

      1. There’s a cavepunk movement? How cool is that? At this rate, we’ll shortly have a dinosaurpunk fad, shortly followed by a big-ass-plant-punk craze, and  the one I’m really looking forward to, primordialgoopunk. The nothing-grows-here-it’s-as-boring-as-mars scene is going to be a bit tedious though.

        Right, I’m off to find some bones and fake fur and stuff, gte dressed up, and see if I can make fire by rubbing two iphones together.

  2. I dunno – dressed like _that_ walking in the forest where there are Wild Things behind the trees?  She’s just _asking_ to be the victim of a wild rumpus, if you know what I mean…  And I hear the Wild Things are pretty into back-door action.

  3. It appears to me that the model uses the nearby trees to prop up the bodies for further bloodcurdling effect when the authorities arrive.

  4. They blue creature hides behind behind a tree because it doesn’t want to become the next fashion victim, right?

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