New reports of Tibetans burning themselves alive to protest Chinese opression


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  1. I really don’t understand this form of protest. If I were the Chinese I would be thinking,  “Great, enough more of these and the problem will take care of itself.”. What is the thinking behind this?

  2. RKTR ♫ says:

    I dont get it either.  There’s easier ways to get media attention.  Will i am does it with a car.  Courtney stodden does it with wierd facial expressions.  Tibetan monks and fire seem like way too extreme a swing for the views.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      There’s easier ways to get media attention.

      Thank you so much for the First World perspective. Sadly, it’s utterly irrelevant to the subject at hand.

  3. Adam Gorley says:

    Pretty straightforward isn’t it? “Hey world, look at the insane lengths the oppressive Chinese government has made me go to in order to draw attention to my cause. It must be bad to make people set themselves on fire in protest.”

    • ChicagoD says:

      I get that part, but if I am China I’m fine with this. It ultimately makes my problem go away when the last person who will self-immolate does. Also, since we are hearing reports and not seeing it on our TVs (a la Vietnam-era self-immolations) it isn’t having the impact they want.

      • Al Billings says:

         Dude, if you’re in China, you won’t even hear about this. It isn’t like they’re going to let the media show it there. It is the *rest* of the world that hears about it.

        • ChicagoD says:

          If I AM China, not IN China.

        • penguinchris says:

          I regularly talk to some relatively internet-savvy young people around my age (mid 20′s) who live in Shanghai and the surrounding area. They all know about the situation in Tibet, and the self-immolations. Whether or not the population at large does I’m not sure, but I do think it gets some coverage in state-controlled media – heavily slanted, of course.

          • Robert Moore says:

             I live in China and I can tell you that these people are just thought of as a wack fringe group.  Much like American’s see terrorist.  Chinese propaganda has been really successful in the mainland.  Much how the American government spins things to its own people but 10 times worse.  They no very little about their modern history or its current events.

        •  Pretty much everyone I know in China has heard about the immolations; they’re not a secret by any means. Nothing is secret in the land of 1 billion cell phones and 300 million Weibo accounts, try as the state might to make it so.

      • Dan Hibiki says:

        Plus it must make for great headlines in China: Evil separatists religious fanatics force followers to commit suicide.

        Sounds better in Mandarin.

      • benher says:

        Do you suppose other Chinese citizens who witness these acts or even hear about them second hand are as heartless as their leaders and do not begin to  distrust, suspect, and resent those leaders?

  4. hakuin says:

    the wheels are starting to come off all over China:

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