Ecuador's president denies granting asylum to Wikileaks' Assange


15 Responses to “Ecuador's president denies granting asylum to Wikileaks' Assange”

  1. Because The Guardian thinks they’re journalists and not entertainers?

  2. Ramone says:

    Is anyone else as disappointed as I am that the word for “false” in Spanish is “falso”.

  3. Funk Daddy says:

    Equador’s President: “Well no, no of course it isn’t true. Not if you’re going to publicize it!”

  4. I love this sentence: 

    “Rumor de asilo a Assange es falso.”

    It’s one of those perfect examples that demonstrate the roots of our language, in that you can read it and know exactly what it says, with no knowledge of spanish languages.  To the extent where it reads like someone taking the piss.

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