Gentleman steals pot from police station because "that bud smelled so good"

David Allan Thompson, 27, was arrested for ripping off a bag of marijuana seized as evidence from the Charleroi Regional police department, in Pennsylvania. Mr. Thompson had gone to the police station on his own volition, according to reports, to "help out" cops. "Police said that back at the station, Thompson apologized repeatedly, telling police, 'I just couldn’t help myself. That bud smelled so good.' He also reportedly told police he couldn’t believe he was in trouble for 'taking a little bit of weed,' especially since he had stopped by to give them information." (MSNBC)


  1. Seems fair. Let the guy go.  If you’re going to leave weed out like that, you should share.  Or maybe they should make this another person going to jail for wanting to use what should be legal because stupid world is stupid. 

  2. Let’s try not to make this an argument about legalization. Even if the bud were legal, this dude shouldn’t have been stealing it.

    1. There’s an idea, make it legal, but only the government can own it. Everyone who has some without the government’s permission shall be charged with possession of stolen goods!

      1.  But what if rogue agents start planting weed on people, then accusing them of possessing it, in order to send them to prison?

  3. Both of my parents were hardcore drug addicts in Oklahoma in the early 1960s. My mother told me that one time she went to pick up my father from a suburban police station, met him inside, and as they were leaving they spotted a small display case with different pills that were used as a teaching/identification tool for officers. My father immediately had the idea of stealing it. My mother, instead of saying that maybe that wasn’t such a smart move inside the police station, said merely that she doubted that the display case actually contained real drugs. He did, and it did.

      1.  Tell me about it. I lived there until I was almost thirty. :-) For a long time I thought I had a weird nightmare when I was really young of a strange man climbing through a window near my crib one night. Sometimes I thought maybe I had seen it in a horror movie. Decades later I mentioned it to my mom on the spur of the moment, and she explained that wasn’t a nightmare— it was a police raid on our house, and she proceeded to tell me a fifteen minute story about it, rich in detail, including verifying that a cop did come in through my window. She thought it was hilarious that I thought it was a nightmare. So, yeah, my earliest memory is of a police raid on my home. Looking on the bright side, at least that mystery was solved.

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