New video series from MAKE: "DiResta"

[Video Link] "DiResta" is a a new video series on MAKE.

In each episode, artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) will let us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. In this episode, Jimmy finds a slab of locust wood at an upstate New York flea market and it instantly calls out "slab bench."

DiResta: Locust Wood Bench


    1. It really helps if you have an auto dimming helmet.  If you only do it as a hobby you can get the cheap ones for typically $50 or so.

  1. No way! I bought a table from him, I super love it, an it was *incredibly* cheap… Wait nm, that’s John diresta

  2. I hate it when people post photos and videos of welding activities without warning. One should never look at them with the naked eye. Welding goggles or a mask are essential, even for brief periods.

    1. 100% white is white, on computer monitors. you can videotape the sun and watch it, it will not blind you.

      EDIT: i should have said ‘watching a video of the sun will not blind you.’ actually videotaping the sun could hurt your eyes if you’re looking through the viewfinder.

    2. I hate it when people post videos of ice cream sundaes. I gain five pounds whenever I watch one.

  3. I’m apprenticing with a master builder in the Japanese tradition. The use of planes instead of sandpaper would eliminate the need to use polyurethane to seal the wood, and the use of hammer and chisel wood joinery techniques would eliminate the need for welding and screws.

    1. I…uh…I thought you were supposed to plane, then sand.  It looked like he sanded with an orbital sander, then used a cabinet scraper, then used a belt sander, then the orbital sander, then sanded by hand.  That is not how I thought that was supposed to go.

      I wish I knew what I was doing when I’m at the workbench.  At least I enjoy myself…

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