TOM THE DANCING BUG: What Strange and Disorienting Alternative Universe Has Louis Entered?

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    1. It’s a baseball thing. Robinson Canò plays second base for the Yankees.  A productive out is when a batter hits a fly or ground ball that results in the batter getting out while allowing a runner to advance.

      1.  Thank you for the explanation, sportsball fan.  I must have read that sentence ten times over before I gave up and moved on, hoping it wasn’t critical to the punchline.

        It was not.

    2. It means that Ruben is a baseball fan*, and such little things are a delight to us fellow baseball fans.

      *I only say this now after realizing that this is at least the second subtle baseball reference he’s worked into a TTDB.

    3. Pretty sure part of the joke is that a lot of people will have no idea what the dad is saying! I didn’t but I did surmise it was a baseball reference after reading it a couple times.

      The concept here is that your friend’s house is an alien place (I certainly experienced that every time I went to a friend’s house as a kid) and your friend’s parents talk about weird things you don’t understand.

      Also, see The IT Crowd – “did you see that ludicrous display last night?”

    1.  Why?  Do you eat your canned corn frozen, instead of eating it as a side-dish?  If true, then I think you’re the weird one (and you’re probably from a parallel universe.  GET HIM!)

  1. Oh my God, the mind-warping power of the big sister cannot be overestimated.  Instant flashback.  

  2. Wow, I totally don’t get anything in this strip.  Is there anything that’s different from reality?  (I like Hunt’s)

    -abs doesn’t “get” Zippy either FWIW

      1. It didn’t initially.  (love the song though)  But then I read daneyul’s reply and went “OMG, I GET IT!”

        -abs is feeling more than a little dim at the moment, but he’s still not entirely sure it’s funny (to him, senses of humor are so very personal)

  3. I hated sleeping over–weird smells, weird foods, strange customs. Sometimes they even went to some place called “church” in the morning!
    (Kids loved my house though–laid back and easy going.  And Heinz!)

    1. Oooooh . . .. . wait .. . . .

      It’s about how things at your friend’s house are different (slightly) from things at your house?

      -abs feels like the sun has just risen over Marblehead

    2. Other People’s Houses….where they do bizarre things like say grace at the dinner table. Freaked me the fuck out.

      1. You know what freaked me out? Going to someone’s house and they DIDN’T say grace and I thought “Oh no.” But also, “How nice that you don’t have to do that shit!”… and so the seeds of doubt were planted along with the HuntZ ketchup and I found my path to secular humanism.

  4. Hunts ketchup on the table is like screaming to the world that you don’t really like ketchup, but have to serve *something* when there are guests.

      1. Depends on which kind you get and where you are. Heinz in Canada lists liquid sugar rather than glucose-fructose (which is what high fructose corn syrup gets listed as here). Apparently Heinz Organic sold in the US is bottled in the same place and uses the same stuff. Though I’d guess it doesn’t use as much sugar as the stuff sold in Canada because Canadians like sweeter ketchup for some reason.

  5. Heinz FTW- no comparison. 

    Also, Hellman’s/Best Foods mayo FTW- Miracle Whip can suck it.

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