Visualzing 3D printing statistics

Stephen sez, "A few months ago I became fascinated by 3D printing and have read some of your work on the subject. Then I came across some stats by The Journal of Peer Production and decided to make a really short video using the results."

3D Printer Community Survey Results


  1. Thanks Cory & Stephen! I’m one of the authors of the survey, and just wanted to make a minor correction: the results have been published in “Statistical Studies of Peer Production” (which is a Open Source Research initiative supported by the P2P Foundation), not in the Peer Production journal. The link is correct, though.

  2. Urggh choke gurgle gurgle vomit. AAAAAACHCHHH!! Just put the gosh-darn stats on a page! Why are you forcing me to watch this video?????!?!?!!?

  3. As As the second author of that survey, I’m also urging you to change the source to “Satistical Studies of Peer Production”. Give credit to those who have earned it. 

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