XKCD with a very boingy punchline

Daww, that was nice of him: Randall Monroe's made me the punchline of another XKCD!

Update: Hey, this is from 2008! I missed it then. No matter -- it was funny then, it's funny now.



  1. We’re missing the important question here. When the tag clouds parted, what did you say, Cory?

    Me prepares the iStone tablet.

  2. What’s with this “past”  business?  Everyone knows that the blogosphere is a hyperspatial construct that exists at all points in the space-time continuum.  Cory is everywhere and everywhen!

  3. I wonder if all this time he just assumed you didn’t like it since you didn’t at least acknowledge it (like the other xkcds mentioning/starring you which I know you know about)?

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