Channel Sk1n: Jeff Noon's first novel in 10 years


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  1. Sweet! Been waiting a long time… I’m sure he delivers!

  2. Boundegar says:

    I wonder if, in 20 years, the word “channel” will seem quaint and dated.

  3. millie fink says:

    Jeff has chosen to publish it independently, and as an ebook before print. After decades of working with the publishing industry Jeff wants the freedom to create, to interact with his fans 24/7 and to be as prolific as he likes with his writing. 

    Nice spin. Seems just as likely that he couldn’t find a publisher.

    • waetherman says:

      Why say “couldn’t find a publisher” like it was an insult? Why does it matter? Writers can operate outside the traditional publishing industry quite easily these days, and make a great living doing it, and most importantly can put out the books they want, as they want.

      If Noon couldn’t find a publisher it only indicates how moribund the industry is, and how unnecessary a publisher is.

    • xiagang says:

      So by your own admission it’s 50/50, then? In that case, I choose Cory’s positive “spin”. But to be honest, anything’s preferable to being obliterated in the dark matter from which that comment emerged. 

    • Unlikely. His back catalogue was pretty successful. He’s been experimenting with writing a *lot* recently, on twitter etc.

  4. Mordicai says:

    I mean– I am excited that eventually there will be a book!   I can wait till there is a physical thing, though.  Is it only available through Amazon?  That hardly sounds…indie.

  5. fnordboy says:

    Jeff Noon has always been a favorite since I first stumbled upon Vurt.   This is fantastic news.  I wish it was available in other formats than just the proprietary Amazon one.  I will try to wait it out, but I might just need to DL it via the kindle app.

    I find it interesting that only Automated Alice seems to be available in the iBooks store.  I would easily re-buy his whole catalog as ebooks.

  6. I loved Vurt. I was living in Manchester when I read it, and the descriptions of the locations, while bizarre and psychedelic, made a lot of sense. Nothing like familiar surroundings given a weird twist to put reality into sharp relief.

  7. digi_owl says:

    So, how many came for the titillating cover?

    And on that note, said cover reminds me of the art style of

  8. bumblebeeeeeee says:

    cover design :(

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