Errol Morris film about sports-themed funerals

Errol Morris made this short film about unique funerals of hardcore sports fans. (via Next Draft)


  1. I just don’t get the mindset behind getting tattoos, caskets, car decals, flags, etc, for corporate entities sports teams.

    1. Most folks want to belong to something bigger than themselves. I think we’d prefer they spend their time on charitable organizations rather than sports teams, but until Oxfam spokespeople can hit a 100 mph fastball I wouldn’t advise getting your hopes up.

    2. I agree.

      I wouldn’t try to talk anyone out of being a fan of something they enjoy, mind you. But I have a hard time distinguishing, say, the desire to be buried in an Orioles casket from the desire to be buried in a Pepsi casket, a Chevrolet casket, or an iPod casket.

      I understand that “Orioles fans” may constitute a social group with a shared background and culture, to some degree. But it seems shallow and fake compared to other social groups and subcultures. Alums of a school, members of a club, and Army vets may all be expected to share a considerable number of genuine experiences, but sports fans have, at best, shared vicarious experiences.

      How would reactions to this phenomenon be different, I wonder, if these were video-game-themed caskets and ceremonies rather than sports-team-themed? If there were World Of Warcraft funerals, for example?

      Then again, maybe that’s the future.

        1.  Phew, someone gets it.

          Around the time that Hulk Hogan was pulling in millions of fans to catch can wrestling, a very funny guy was being interviewed in a queue by CBC Radio:
          “Why, are you standing in line to go see a WWF event?
          – Because I want to be part of Vince McMahon’s Master Plan!”

  2. What a bunch of negative nancies you all are. I thought it was sweet. Who cares if it’s by ESPN, it’s not like they’re you you’re ugly or unpopular like other commercials.

  3. I really don’t like sports, but the film was respectful and very well done.

    Come to think of it, I don’t understand burials; it’s cremation here.

    1. It could have to do with the legacy of football in Baltimore. When the Colts left Baltimore (sneaked out of town at midnight) back in the 80s it was crushing to the big football fans there. Then there was a tease of a team coming back a few times so when the Ravens finally arrived in 1996, fans flipped out & immediately embraced them with the passion only possible to one who has been deprived so long.

  4. I don’t understand funerals either, but we had a great time at my Dad’s when the priest asked every to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as they rolled his casket out of the packed Catholic Church.  Half the people looked horrified and the other half were singing at the top of their lungs.

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