"Have a Nice Trip" an anti-drug song by Merv Griffin (1968)


10 Responses to “"Have a Nice Trip" an anti-drug song by Merv Griffin (1968)”

  1. Since no one jumped out the window to their death or put their baby in the oven, this isn’t much of an anti-drug song, but more of a series of suggestions of excellent things to do while high.

  2. kobrakai says:

    Merv: “You can’t get much higher than that, my friend.”

    Me: Challenge accepted.

  3. Man, some people just couldn’t except that white lightning was never going to be the biggest thrill of all again.

  4. SedanChair says:

    “OK that’s a wrap. That’ll show those drugged-out hippies”

    (pours immense tumbler of scotch)

  5. xkot says:

    While listening to this, was anyone else picturing a Rankin-Bass-style stop-motion figure of Merv singing and dancing while a group of animated kids followed him around a groovy park?

  6. xkot says:

    No, but Jack Sheldon did a nifty trumpet solo.

  7. gorfulator says:

    I still think Sonny Bono’s, “Pammy’s on a Bummer” sent a stronger message, cuz, you know, the kids listen to Sonny.. dig?  

  8. The visuals are great, but they are missing that staple of 60s teen culture, the blacklight poster depicting the signs of the zodiac and the associated sexual positions.

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