House Industries' foldable storage boxes

I like everything that House Industries makes. They started off in the early 1990s as a font design shop, and I have been following them closely ever since. They just announced a line of attractive foldable storage boxes.

Screen Shot 2012 08 16 at 11 16 33 AMHouse Industries designers completely re-imagined the classic corrugated document storage box, spending endless hours tweaking die designs to arrive at a bulletproof yet beautiful storage solution. With secure locking seams, robust construction, smooth tops, stackable flat bottoms and crisp artwork, House Archive boxes are designed to provide practical and affordable storage while working as complementary interior furnishings.

The first edition of the Archive Box feature s three different versions: a pattern based on House’s Neutraface Slab typeface, huge high-contrast numbers from Photo-Lettering’s Benguiat Montage alphabet and a typographic brace motif. Keeping with House Industries tradition, no expense was spared to reproduce the three distinctive designs.

House Industries Introduces House Archive Boxes