K-LOL: new "internet local news" web show features "Cute Animals & Exploited Hipster Girls" (video)


18 Responses to “K-LOL: new "internet local news" web show features "Cute Animals & Exploited Hipster Girls" (video)”

  1. Sagodjur says:

    My brain is going to explode from meta-LOLs.  

  2. EH says:

    Decent start to an idea with a lot of potential.

  3.  There actually used to be a pretty good radio station named KLOL. They were pretty cool until 1985 when they went all hair band and classic rock.

  4. Jesse Thorn says:

    I think this is great. Actual jokes for the OMG KITTENZ set.

  5. If the first joke of your show is that stupid, I’m not sticking around for the rest of it.

  6. Stephen McGrath says:

    God, it’s awful! Make it stop!!! Oh wait, I can do that.

  7. Really? You had to make us watch that?

  8. Tonweight says:

    The opening still, with the bloodied host’s leaky facehole, reminds me that the internet has ruined my mind forever.

    Marked for later viewing (when I won’t get in trouble at work).  Looks promising enough.

  9. pjk says:

    I did not LOL.

  10. samsm says:

    It’s the white woman who wanted to be in a Tyler Perry movie.

  11. LaylaSV says:

    Jesus. Seriously?

  12. swell says:

    What the fuck?  Is the image/opening still in the post supposed to be a raped and bloodied hipster girl?    I have no idea what this is but it’s disgusting and I don’t understand why this is OK to put up without a trigger warning or hidden behind a jump (or why it’s up at all, for that matter, but whatever.)

    • LPJ says:

      swell, just to let you know, it isn’t a raped or bloodied hipster girl.  The image is referencing a different sketch, one suggesting a sort of seizure induced by audio-visual meme overkill.  It might not be funny, depending on your taste in humor, but it isn’t violent and shouldn’t be considered offensive. 

  13. RembrandtQEinstein says:

    Craptacular. Original content from the Cheezburger network…

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