Kit Kat Cake


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  1. Rich Keller says:

    The guts could be Ho-Hos, Ho-Hos with the ends trimmed off so you could drench them with creme de cacao, making it into some big, evil sugary tiramisu of doom.

    Evidently my breakfast has worn off.

  2. Mark Stephan says:

    “This Kit Kat and M&M cake is very appalling”

  3. Tyler Robb says:

    My sister made one and it was freaking delicious. Because the inside was vanilla, the chocolate M&Ms and Kit-Kats weren’t overpowering. Super simple to make too.

  4. Consumatopia says:

    no the inside should just be M&Ms all the way down

    maybe with skittles mixed in

    who wouldn’t love that?

    • bkad says:

      I had a hiking buddy who mixed skittles and m&ms in our hiking trail mix (other ingredients included peanuts, tree nuts, and dried fruit). I was not pleased.

  5. pizzicato says:

    Please people of developed world, know that your diet of sugar and fast food is killing you in double quick time, stop stuffing your face with this crap

  6. Stefan Jones says:

    The recipe provided by Future Diabetics of America and the Blood Sugar Test Strip Marketing Council.

  7. bcsizemo says:

    Twinkies, please.  Swiss Cake Rolls FTW.

  8. Antinous / Moderator says:

    How about filling the crater with 151 Rum and making it a Gateau de ChitChat Flambé.

  9. timquinn says:

    m&ms all the way down stuck together with more wax and shellac! 

  10. ocker3 says:

    Friend of mine made this kind of thing, but the middle was layered chocolate and strawberry sponge, visually more interesting and it was twice as tall as this one. :)

    Wasn’t at the party though :(

  11. Hey, now, think of the starving children in … New York, LA, Chicago, Houston….

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