Man suffocated to death in DIY gadget-control helmet


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  1. I’m confused. The source article says “the man’s name is expected to be released in the next few days”, but then it has a picture of who’s presumably the victim, naming him. Does not add up.

  2. Jake0748 says:

    What a weird story.

  3. vonbobo says:

    A link on the page goes to another story titled “Man who died a victim ‘by no means’”. Seems as though New Zealanders like to keep stories interesting by omission.

  4. Mitchell Glaser says:

    “Air supply engage. [beep - error] Air supply, engage. [beep - error] Engage air supply. [beep - error]. Helmet lock, release. [beep - error] Helmet lock, release! [beep - error] (cough) Release helmet lock, dammit! [beep - error] (cough, cough) Release… helmet… lock… “

  5. show me says:

    Rise of the Machines

  6. Max says:

    Wot no build log? I am disappointed.

  7. Heh, controlling a device alright…

  8. jbond says:

    Rule #34 (Charles Stross). Isn’t it obvious that ATHENA nullified him in order to remove a key node in one of the global spam botnets. Surprised the news report didn’t mention the Viagra-Statin-Grapefruit juice enema that went with the elaborate gag system.

  9. dainel says:

    They should have shown a picture of the helmet. You know, so we do not make one like it …

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