Man suffocated to death in DIY gadget-control helmet

A 34-year-old New Zealand man suffocated in a "a home-made helmet, which he was attempting to use to control devices in his home," according to I'm sure there is, well, more to the story. From

An autopsy was completed yesterday morning and police have since said the death was accidental.

A police spokeswoman refused to comment further on the circumstances surrounding the death which is now being referred to the coroner.

"Inventor's gadget may have killed him"


  1. I’m confused. The source article says “the man’s name is expected to be released in the next few days”, but then it has a picture of who’s presumably the victim, naming him. Does not add up.

  2. A link on the page goes to another story titled “Man who died a victim ‘by no means'”. Seems as though New Zealanders like to keep stories interesting by omission.

  3. “Air supply engage. [beep – error] Air supply, engage. [beep – error] Engage air supply. [beep – error]. Helmet lock, release. [beep – error] Helmet lock, release! [beep – error] (cough) Release helmet lock, dammit! [beep – error] (cough, cough) Release… helmet… lock… “

  4. Rule #34 (Charles Stross). Isn’t it obvious that ATHENA nullified him in order to remove a key node in one of the global spam botnets. Surprised the news report didn’t mention the Viagra-Statin-Grapefruit juice enema that went with the elaborate gag system.

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