Pocket Dungeons: a 3D printable dungeon crawl game

If you've got access to a 3D printer, you can download and print a "Pocket Dungeons" set, created by Thingiverse user dutchmogul, who calls it "a modular, competitive dungeon-crawl for two to six players."

With modular, tile-based board design and randomized events, no two games will be alike. Dynamic, tactical game play allows for quick resolution as players control treasure-hungry dungeon delvers vying for gold and glory.

This game has been designed with Pocket-Tactics in mind and the pieces and rules sets will be able to cross over and expand the depth of each range.

The MakerBot blog explains, "This totally modular set was designed in TinkerCAD, a free online and easy to use CAD website that allows you to share directly to Thingiverse. What I like about this little set is that I could see myself having as much, or even more, fun putting together a dungeon layout as I would have playing the game itself."



  1. 3D printed! Yes! It must be good then. Injection molding is the work of Satan. Extrusion is a vileness to be eradicated. Thermoforming is the downfall of nations. And don’t you dare even mention lost foam casting – once you start on that path, you will inevitably end up fornicating with barnyard animals and using crystal meth.

    1.  Also, you forgot to vilify just plain old just printing them on thick card stock – which have the disadvantage of being easy to recycle or to use to light your wood stove.

      1. Not to mention that they’ll biodegrade or add to your compost ;-) Actually, these were printed in PLA, so you could technically do all of those things AND eat them….

        1.  You rolled a 1 on your attack, so that’s a critical failure.  Now we’ll roll on the critical failure table… 13!  You have to eat your own character! 

  2. I could see myself having as much, or even more, fun putting together a dungeon layout as I would have playing the game itself.

    Which would make it like every dungeon-based game ever.

  3. Now if you moulded everything out of candy and chocolate you could consume the dungeon as you play it.

  4. So do people ever 3D print casting molds, so they can make multiples without 3D printing every single piece? Or is 3D printing that fast and cheap these days?

    1. There are some beta sets available on Etsy. It takes a while to print and paint them, but we’re organizing a kickstarter campaign and we’re looking into ways to get a bunch of sets produced so that we cvan get more out there and sell them at a lower cost. I want to keep the game available to the maker community and will continue to do so. However, I understand that not everyone has access to a 3D printer… yet ;-)

    2. And, actually… my bad. There are beta sets of Pocket-Tactics (the sort of sister game to Pocket-Dungeons) available. Pocket-Dungeons needs a bit of polishing, but we’ll put some copies out there soon. 

  5. Man replicates all of his bowel movements with 3d printer…Boingboing reporters flock to the scene to document, marvel breathlessly. Headline reads: “3D Printer Successfully Prints Third Dimension…Again!”

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