Childplay: SF novel about life with virtual children, free this weekend in Kindle edition

Matthew Mather says:

ChildplayAs the world moves online, why not virtual children too? Childplay is the second novella in my #1 best-selling Atopia Chronicles collection. It explores what life would be like raising a family with virtual children, and is offered free this Friday to Sunday (Aug 17-19). The full six book series is also offered at half price for $2.99 in the compilation Complete Atopia Chronicles.

"So great, I wish I'd come up with it myself," said Hugh Howey, NY Times and USA Today #1 best-selling author of Wool. "The Atopia series is one of those that will stick with me for the rest of my life."


  1. I was about to comment on the silliness of putting up the second book in a series for free but, according to the description on Amazon, all the books begin at the same point and tell a different story, so they can be read in any order. 

    Also, having just finished the incredible Wool series, an endorsement from Hugh Howey goes a long way.

  2. Virtual children? If the virtual Tamagotchi pets were any indication, I think its going to be a load of fun to say the least.

  3. For once, this offer also applies on Amazon UK.  Here’s the link

  4. Trouble is, it’s a bloody Kindle. I either have to go out and buy one, or install MORE software on my already overloaded PC. This is BoingBoing! Come on, use a PDF or something else that isn’t device specific!

    1. Do you have an iPhone,  iPad, Android smart phone or tablet?  There are lots of device options if you don’t go for the dedicated e-reader.

    2. Amazon also lets you read all kindle books in the browser for those who dislike dedicated hardware or software.

  5. One downside to the whole (cliche alert) ebook/self-publishing revolution is that authors seem to think it’s OK to market short stories as “books”.  I wish they’d stop.

    1. Tell it to Stephen King – after all, he nearly pioneered the movement with epublishing The Bullet.

  6. What would make it interesting: Virtual AI Super-Optimizer children of The Singularity.  “Now, Tommy, be a good boy and put the Russian doomsday machine back the way you found it! And no more nanotech mind control toys until you clean up your room!” 

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