Science summer-camp for girls


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  1. Um, I think you mean ‘Halifax, NS’………Mount Saint Vincent University is in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  2. Natalie Murray says:

    NS, not NC – Nova Scotia. :)

  3. David Fiander says:

    It would be VERY BAD if there was a Mount St Vincent University in the town of Halifax North Carolina. VERY VERY BAD.

  4. senorglory says:

    If this one’s already sold out, anyone know a comparable camp that is taking applicants?

  5. McGauth925 says:

    I get it that we want to encourage girls, but…how many camps do we have for boys where girls are excluded?

    I can see making a special attempt to recruit girls.  I can’t see excluding boys.

    • ConcernedScientist says:

      My experience has been that most science camps are de facto boys camps, perhaps due to parental bias regarding science and gender roles (e.g. “Johnny loves science camp, but I don’t think Sarah would.”)  

      Special programs (single gender programming, subsidized fees for girls, etc…) are simply mechanisms to increase female interest in STEM in hopes of achieving equity. I find it misleading when people equate “pro-girl” programs with “anti-boy” programs. Girls and boys have different educational needs and there are arguments that single-gender programs (in complement with co-ed experiences) can help both genders succeed academically.

      In the case of STEM, the need for all-girls programming may simply be more urgent.  In Canada, women are tragically underrepresented in technology, engineering, and natural sciences in post-secondary education and in the workforce (I can provide links, if needed, but just look up on StatCan). I think one of the big areas we see parity in science-related fields is in health professions, but if I recall it was in lower-paying positions (lots of female technologists and nurses, not so many doctors). 

      Food for thought!

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