Beautiful blown glass retro rocketships

Artist Rik Allen makes beautiful blown-glass and metal sculptures of retro rocketships, with so much personality and detail. And tiny chairs. Every one of these evinces a ZOMG WANT reaction from me.

Blown Glass Rockets, SCFI & Mixed Media Sculpture of Rik Allen (via Super Punch)


  1. Gorgeous and tempting stuff indeed. But only for toddler-free homes!

    I wonder what they cost?

      1. “Toddler free-homes are much cheaper in the long run”

        I don’t know, Prozac and Xanax don’t come cheap

  2. The first one, with the chair on the empty deck, with a giant view of the universe, is exactly how a cool rocket ship should look.  Exactly.

      1. But in the retro-future where these ship fly, they have reactionless drives that warp space so the star voyagers would feel no acceleration.  That’s the retro-future I’m waiting for.

      2. Just noticed that you can follow the link to more shots of the ships. I thought it was an escalator too, but it’s stairs. Page 3

  3. When do we get spaceships that look like this? (I’m still waiting for the electric car I can actually afford, too.)

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