Tony Scott, 1944-2012

Tony Scott, director of movies such as Top Gun, Unstoppable, and True Romance, is dead at 68. [Newsday]


    1.  It’s worthwhile to point out that he had inoperable brain cancer. It’s possible that depression wasn’t the motivation, but rather this was a decision on his part to control how he died.

  1. I made a similar comment on AICN but imagine the despair of such a decision (to jump). I would imagine the liklehood of regretting your decision immediately after jumping is pretty high but it’s obviously too late. Those final moments must be unimaginable. Horrible horrible news.

    Rest In Peace Tony Scott and condolences to your family.

  2. On another forum someone chided me for expressing hope that Tony Scott’s decision to end his life would reopen discussion about physician assisted suicide, but I think in sympathy for him, and the reality of what he was facing (the progressive loss of his consciousness and functions via a terrible cancer) one must consider that the denial of this service may be inhumane.

    In countries where people’s wish to die rather than suffer is respected, families are notified in advance, there is a process, so that there will not be a shocking headline coming out in the middle of the night. At least Tony Scott tried to mitigate that shock by providing a list of people to contact; he was in a sense doing what our culture should have already made possible.

    I regret that he may have made this decision without having informed his family and friends of his decision, but of course we do not know if he had. But it seems clear that we, as a society, failed to give him options in a tragic circumstance, that we perhaps should have.

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