Your daily Twitter enema

Benjamin Jackson recommends daily efforts to kill the 'bots following you on Twitter, for the greater good: "consistently reporting real spammers does work. If you're older than 35 and it helps, you can think of it as picking up litter off the streets of the Information Superhighway." [Buzzfeed]


  1. Maybe its just because I’m older than 35, but I didn’t get the “if you’re older than 35” reference? Is he seriously suggesting that people over 35 wouldn’t be able to see the intrinsic value in getting spam off Twitter without an incredibly obvious analogy?

    Kids today! In my day we had Bayesian spam filters! And we liked them!

      1. Ok, as long as I can plausibly suspect that its someone else being called stupid and not me, I’m cool with it.

    1. Erm, I think it’s because you have to be older than 35 to remember the incessant no-littering campaigns of the ’70s and early ’80s….

    1. The links to alleged naked pics and dubious offers of thousands of followers are you usually a tipoff.

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