If you like watching actors giggle in silly costumes, then I've got an Avengers blooper reel for you

It's not common for Marvel to feature blooper reels as part of their DVD/Blu-ray special features because obviously, fictional superheroes and the people who play them are supposed to be perfect. However, Joss Whedon made this movie, and if there is anything he's taught us about gifted people tasked with protecting the universe from evil, it's that they are far from perfect. Sometimes, hilariously so. And so we have an Avengers blooper reel. Watch for Colbie Smulders "trying something out" for one of her more emotionally involved moments. UPDATE: Sorry about the YouTube video that ended up pulled this afternoon. You can watch the reel at io9. (via The Mary Sue)


    1. What he said. But honestly, why is Boing Boing promoting a blooper/gag reel for a major motion picture? Is this really something so unusual that we all need to see it? What movie nowadays doesn’t have a gag reel to help pad out the so-called “extras” of a home video release?

        1. Baloney! You know what funny is? This other post by Jamie. http://boingboing.net/2012/08/22/temper-tantrum-supercut.html

          Tantrum Supercut PWNS this viral marketing B.S.

  1. Just when I was *starting* to maybe be interested in watching this movie, I thought maybe I’d see this blooper reel and, if it caught my fancy, proceed to download this from NetFlix or Amazon or whatever the cool kids do these days – but then it’s taken down by the shitheads at Disney, so I guess my interest will never get piqued.

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