Garage door that looks like a book-case

LA Observed republished this photo of a garage-door painted to look like a magnificent outdoor book-case, apparently ganked from author Robert Crais's Facebook (I don't have a FB account, so I can't verify this).

LA garage door painted to look like bookshelves (via Super Punch)


    1. IK, R???  Cory doesn’t have a freakin FB account?  WHAT????  NOT EVEN A FAKE ONE?    You are MISSING OUT on all of George Takei’s hilarious shit, and you are missing out on all of MY hilarious shit jacked from George Takei!!!

          1.  I have no FB, no TV, no cell phone AND no highly complicated 3D-printed robotic machine for shooting bananas at ukuleles. 

  1. The (to me) hilarious thing is, that my immediate thought process upon seeing the picture in my feedreader was: “Oh, nifty, a bookshelf garage door, must be a post by Cory.”

    And sure enough, it is. :)

  2. It’s only a matter of time until something THIS awesome is found to be in violation of zoning laws, and ordered destroyed. 

    1. Frankly I’m surprised there’s a neighborhood in Southern California that doesn’t have a homeowners association which strictly outlaws this sort of thing.
      In the part of Orange County I lived in, the HOA Cops would be all over this within the week.

  3. I do have a Facebook account, and it is from Robert Crais’ page. According to him: “The door was commissioned by Lee Dembart, a former writer and book reviewer for the L.A. Times, who explained, ‘I love books. They’re my passion.’ (Don’t you just love the man?) The mural was painted by artist, Don Gray. You can see more of Mr. Gray’s amazing work on his website, here:

  4. Seriously? I get to be the first to make the obligatory Anne Frank joke? (I’m Dutch, so I’m allowed to.)

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