One of television's most successful adaptations of a British show is finally coming to an end. Currently filming its ninth season, The Office will not be back next year, but its original showrunner, Greg Daniels, will return to cap this thing off. What does this mean? Probably guest stars, guest stars, guest stars -- but not necessarily in front of the camera. Like Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, who is directing an episode of the show's final season today. And Steve Carell will likely make an appearance. Was this ending overdue? Maybe. But there will be two undeniably gaping holes on Thursday nights when this and 30 Rock are both gone. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

17 Responses to “NBC's The Office will end this season”

  1. Brainspore says:

    Ooh, Breaking Bad crossover! Maybe Walter White buys Dunder/Mifflin as a cover for his new meth distribution network, but things start to go south after Darryl accidentally witnesses Jesse and Mike disposing of Dwight’s body.

  2. Finally, I was getting very tired of the Office, let’s hope NBC doesn’t decide to wreck the Thursday lineup completely

  3. EH says:

    30 Rock has long been ready for the glue factory, but I’m sure the star power on the show has slowed that down. The Office I think is going out a the right time, more or less. I do like Robert California.

  4. Conan Librarian says:

    Well it was about time. I can’t imagine how long that documentary will be with that amount of film footage.,6988/

  5. Jeff Kibuule says:

    It honestly should have been killed 2-3 seasons ago. It stayed past it’s prime.

    • Thad Boyd says:

      Apparently I quit watching Office and 30 Rock right as they started to decline, which is good.

      But I apparently also quit watching Parks and Rec right as it started to get good, and until recently had missed Community entirely.

  6. HubrisSonic says:

    good, turn off your tv, go outside, make something, hack something… stupid tv

    • chenille says:

      Tip: saying you have better things to do with your time than watch TV shows isn’t convincing when you are spending your time going though posts about those TV shows.

      • Rich Keller says:

        Maybe he texted that from the back of a tandem mountain bike while sketching wild mustangs in Montana on his iPad.

      • EH says:

        I’m only checking out TV stories in case something appears interesting enough to finally start watching TV at all. I’m no Luddite!

      • B E Pratt says:

         Eh, I get all my TV shows from the net or somewhere else now. I don’t even own a TV any more and haven’t in about a decade. And I used to be addicted. But then, I also quit smoking…..

      • HubrisSonic says:

         why not? And I wouldnt describe commenting on a post thats barely a paragraph long as ‘going through posts’. Dont hate the sayer, hate the game.

  7. Make that FOUR gaping holes, ’cause both Parks and Recreation and the criminally under rated Community are going the way of the do-do at the same time as 30 Rock.

  8. Best TV comedy seems to come in 2 series. Ricky Gervais & Steve Merchant penned 2 series for the original UK version of the Office. John Cleese & Connie Booth called it a day after 2 series of Fawlty Towers.

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