Update: NBC wins Michael J. Fox's sitcom -- and orders a full series


8 Responses to “Update: NBC wins Michael J. Fox's sitcom -- and orders a full series”

  1. Thad Boyd says:

    Hm.  Well, maybe NBC’s finally got something that (1) will be good and (2) people will actually watch.

    When’s the last time they had a show that checked BOTH those boxes?

  2. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    Good for Mr.Fox. Nice to see he is still at it and doing what he is geared for. He is the bigger brother I never had. Family Ties, Back to the Future series. I never watch TV, but could rent the DVD for this when it comes out. Being bought so quickly speaks for his solid reputation as an entertainer.

  3. Matthew says:

    The great news here is that NBC will shut down the show just as it becomes popular so they don’t have to pay the actors huge salaries.  They learned their lesson with Friends.  

  4. d4l3d says:

    It’s irrelevant if I ultimately think it’s bad. I’m just glad it happened for him.

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