Author is "ready for a punk-rock concert"


9 Responses to “Author is "ready for a punk-rock concert"”

  1. latelatelateshow says:

    If you’re not constantly ready for a punk rock concert, you’re not a true author.

  2. Halloween_Jack says:

    With a pornstache like that? Oh, I don’t think so.

  3. More like Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk. He looks like Irwin Mainway.

  4. drowse03 says:

    I think he’s ready for a prog rock concert.. by Van der Graaf Generator

  5. Purplecat says:

    But…. I don’t understand. Van der Graaf Generator are prog, not punk.

  6. doniphon says:

    With Van der Graaf generators AND punk rock concerts, it’s not the volts, it’s the amps.

  7. Floyd Bock says:

    “I was flipping through my copy of Walt Noon’s Secrets of Building Electrostatic Lightning Bolt Generators (1992)  ”

    You Sir, are a MetaNerd. Cybermaidens will serve you in heaven.

  8. rattypilgrim says:

    That’s one wild and crazy guy!

  9. John Maple says:

    If I were a stylist, I would put one of these in my shop.

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