Breaking Bad Breath

This Breaking Bad - Mentos TV ad parody is probably funnier if you, like me, grew up in the era of these ubiquitous Mentos commercials. The Heisenberg blue ones were always my favorite.

Good luck getting the earworm out of your head. And stay out of my territory.

(via @somebadideas)


  1. It would have been better if Aaron Paul came in at the end and said, “Yo, Mentos, bitch!” instead of the usual tag line.

  2. Totally irrelevant to the awesomeness, but I have a question: Does the voice over sound “native” to you?

    The reason I ask is that I’m pretty sure it’s the version I know from my childhood and the guy has a certain German twang to the way he says the slogan. Can anybody confirm this?

    1. Yup, but that was probably only in the euro versions of the commercials.  “That guy has clearly never ever spoken one word of english”-really added to the cheesyness.

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