Coroner: "Top Gun" filmmaker Tony Scott did not have brain cancer

Filmmaker Tony Scott jumped to his death on Sunday, off a bridge in Southern California. Early reports from ABC News (which were copy-pasted by TMZ, HuffPo, and other outlets) that the "Top Gun" director killed himself after learning that he had an inoperable brain tumor were apparently false.


  1. Isn’t the first rule of journalism to verify?  Well, I have sources close to him that said he committed suicide because his other brother Michael Scott quit The Office.

    1. The first rule of journalism is to report everything first. Even if it’s just some random rumour going around that if you thought about it for a minute would sound unlikely.

      1. And the Second Rule of Journalism is to ask your drinking buddies for their ideas and report these as expert opinions.

  2. fwiw, is kind of icky, but they actually check their sources very well, and they rarely get it wrong. In this case, I’m almost positive they did not make a report about the tumor.

  3. My first thought on seeing the headline was, “Well, I’m sure he’ll be relieved to hear tha…  Oh.  Coroner.  Nevermind.”

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