Coroner: "Top Gun" filmmaker Tony Scott did not have brain cancer


8 Responses to “Coroner: "Top Gun" filmmaker Tony Scott did not have brain cancer”

  1. milkman says:

    Isn’t the first rule of journalism to verify?  Well, I have sources close to him that said he committed suicide because his other brother Michael Scott quit The Office.

  2. Dlo Burns says:

    Out of respect I have not made any ‘Danger Zone’ jokes, references, or puns.

  3. So it really was from reading the Top Gun Reloaded script.

  4. endymion says:

    fwiw, is kind of icky, but they actually check their sources very well, and they rarely get it wrong. In this case, I’m almost positive they did not make a report about the tumor.

  5. Culturedropout says:

    My first thought on seeing the headline was, “Well, I’m sure he’ll be relieved to hear tha…  Oh.  Coroner.  Nevermind.”

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