Enthralling Books: Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn


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  1. Rick says:

    Lots of folks on Amazon are complaining about an unsatisfying ending. Do you agree? Please don’t post spoilers, I’m deciding whether to read it or not.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      My wife and I loved the ending!

    • AliThinks says:

      The ending of Gone Girl made me want to throw the book across the room. My coworkers didn’t feel the same way. (We work in an independent bookstore, and rare is the book that we ALL read.) 

      I say read it. And if I may suggest, seek out your local independent bookstore (or your local library) to purchase/borrow the book. Amazon algorithms have their place, but there’s nothing like a personal recommendation. And on that note, if you haven’t read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter, I recommend that too. Those are my standout books of the summer. :)

  2. @Rick

    This is a very good book. The ending is not anti-climatic, but it is hard to talk about why it isn’t without ruining the book. Either way stop looking at reviews and read it now.

    You really want to avoid all spoilers.

  3. ricalonso says:

    I read a lot of books. Mostly fiction. Rarely do I get “captivated” by a book. This one caught me and didn’t let go. As for the ending, well, it’s not a Hollywood ending. That means that the ending actually made sense with the rest of the story. I highly recommend this novel.

  4. show me says:

    Who says Cool Girl doesn’t exist? I married her!
    (Of course, we were barely through our wedding reception when she abruptly stopped being Cool Girl. *sigh*)

  5. benenglish says:

    As one of those socially awkward males who has grown old enough to know I’ll never have a cool girl because they *probably* don’t exist, I’m willing to continue to hold out hope for my younger brothers that they may someday find one.  One Remy Lacroix isn’t enough to satisfy an entire nation of us, much as she leads us to think she’d be willing to try.

    Note to people who want to look her up – Binsearch.info her name, create an nzb, and hand it off to your binary grabber or newsreader.   While that’s running, look her up on xvideos.  Skip all the hardcore; you’ll see enough by accident to understand what she can do.  Listen carefully to all the interviews, especially the epilogue interviews on half the stuff you download from usenet.  Then spend an hour mesmerized by her with a hula hoop.  Then let that spark of hope remain alive, that spark that inspires us to believe that maybe, just maybe, once in every hundred million or so births, a true Cool Girl enters this world.

  6. There are three parts. The first part is amazing. Then the story gets completely ridiculous and unbelievable in the final part but you just hold out hope the author has some kind of ace up her sleeve that will actually make sense in the finale (but that finale never comes). The second part is… it’s not as ridiculous as part three but it’s still flimsy.

    The writing draws you in really really well. You know what, liken it to someone telling you they have to take you to this fireworks show. They tell you all these amazing stories about this show they went to every year and really get you excited to the point where you’re dying to go. Some of the stories sound way too crazy to be real but have just that slight hint of plausibility that keeps you yearning for the show. But you never notice that these stupid stories never involve an actual firework until you get to the show and see that the show is a little kid whipping those popper things at the crowd. You’re completely unimpressed but your friend is still standing there, nudging you and saying, “What did I tell you? Isn’t it great?”


  7. hassenpfeffer says:

    I admit it. I dl’d this last night and read it straight through. It IS compelling. The ending is not all it could be. I’d put the novel on the same approximate par as Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History”–compulsively readable yet utterly ludicrous thriller with a “meh” ending. That being said, there were a few threads left untied that could lead to a sequel. I don’t know whether I’d bother with a sequel were the author to write one.

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