Maggie speaking in Kansas City and Lawrence

I'm excited to be back on my old home turf next week, with two speaking events in Kansas City, Missouri, and Lawrence, Kansas.

Both events are centered on Before the Lights Go Out, my book about electricity, infrastructure, and the future of energy.

Thursday, August 30, 7:00 pm — The Raven bookstore in Lawrence
I'll be back in my college town to talk about the weird, messy history of electricity, and the ways that writing online can help build a better book. Join me at 6 East 7th Street, Lawrence, Kansas.

Friday, August 31, 7:00 pm — Prospero's Books in Kansas City
My event at Prospero's will cover a lot of the same ground as The Raven event, but will get more in-depth on the engineering of how our electric grid works and why this flawed system affects what we can and can't do to solve our energy problems. RSVP for the Prospero's event (and get address info) on Facebook.

Image: Electricity, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from elycefeliz's photostream


  1. I’ve had the misfortune of only having been to Lawrence twice, and on each occasion staying less than a week.

    I call it a “misfortune” because Lawrence was such an amazing and fun town that I really wish I could have stayed longer. I spent several hours in both the Spencer and Natural History museums, not to mention the time I spent exploring downtown Lawrence, and still felt I’d barely touched on all there was to do in Lawrence. I went by The Raven bookstore several times, each time saying, “I must go in there!” and then not going in. I can’t explain why.

    I’d love to take this as a sign, or at least an excuse to go back to Lawrence, but unfortunately I won’t be able to get away. And it sounds like you’re already familiar with Lawrence’s charms, but I still hope you enjoy your time there as much as I did.

  2. Ahhh Lawrence. An oasis in the middle of fundamentalism, ignorance, and fear. It also offers a small bite of whatever eclectic interest one might have.

    Kansas City, MO also has quite a lot to offer, it can just be difficult to find your own happy place sometimes.

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