Sony shutters Psygnosis studio for good

Sony's Studio Liverpool, originally stylish game house Psygnosis, is closing after 28 years. Kyle Orland at Ars:

Studio Liverpool got its start in 1984 ... releasing moderate PC hits like Obliterator and Shadow of the Beast throughout the '80s before achieving much greater notoriety in the '90s for publishing DMA Designs' Lemmings titles. Sony Publishing's acquisition of Psygnosis in 1993 would help secure some key franchises for the new and unestablished PlayStation ... The developer was fully folded into Sony Computer Entertainment and renamed as Studio Liverpool in 1999, maintaining a focus on Wipeout and Formula One titles in the years since.

I'd say it was a second death for the Amiga, but I think at this point the Amiga has died rather a lot of times.