Swiss Army Knife with animals instead of blades

Third year design student David Suhami made the "Animal Pocket Knife" for a studio course at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. As he explained to Designboom, "the piece is made for adults who still enjoy playing with small objects. it combines the idea of a swiss army knife and a jungle safari in africa. the prototype is made from stainless steel to represent the current technology while the handles are made from fine tabebuia wood to symbolize the traditional craft."

Hell, I'd buy one and fidget for days with it.

david suhami: animal pocket knife (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Ah someone has finally done this, very nice!  I’ve had this on my to do someday list for years.  Love it!

  2. I was eager to read about the inspiration behind these knives. I would have thought there was some post-modern irony attached to them, being that many of the charming animals depicted have traditionally met their doom or have been eventually skinned via knives. However, after reading I guess they’re just little cute Animal Army Knives.

    1. It’s post-postmodernism, where post-modern irony itself has become a ubiquitous and banal instrument.

  3. I would buy one of these.

    That second pic, of the 3-headed mutant Swiss Army Beast lying on its side is almost sad, like maybe it’s dying.

    Also almost NSFW, with that extra “leg” where it is.

  4. Looks like it needs a 2nd look at the choice of wood. Maybe choose something stronger for production.

    I’d buy 2

  5. Super Cool.To keep it from going extinct it could evolve to bring a little functionality
    The Rino could be tweeked to a bottle opener, Giraff is almost a can opener blade or a hook knife, lots of legs for knives and screwdrivers (cloven hoof phillips, maybe some security bits to be really useful) and a corkscrew perhaps as a warthog tail… But that is from a Design Engineer perspective as opposed to artist. 

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