Swiss Army Knife with animals instead of blades


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  1. wastrel says:

    Ah someone has finally done this, very nice!  I’ve had this on my to do someday list for years.  Love it!

  2. Jesseham says:

    This is brilliant.

  3. grs says:

    That’s cool as hell. He already has a prototype, so, Kickstarter!

  4. latelatelateshow says:

    I was eager to read about the inspiration behind these knives. I would have thought there was some post-modern irony attached to them, being that many of the charming animals depicted have traditionally met their doom or have been eventually skinned via knives. However, after reading I guess they’re just little cute Animal Army Knives.

  5. howaboutthisdangit says:

    I would buy one of these.

    That second pic, of the 3-headed mutant Swiss Army Beast lying on its side is almost sad, like maybe it’s dying.

    Also almost NSFW, with that extra “leg” where it is.

  6. relawson says:

    Looks like it needs a 2nd look at the choice of wood. Maybe choose something stronger for production.

    I’d buy 2

  7. Stuart Currie says:

    Super Cool.To keep it from going extinct it could evolve to bring a little functionality
    The Rino could be tweeked to a bottle opener, Giraff is almost a can opener blade or a hook knife, lots of legs for knives and screwdrivers (cloven hoof phillips, maybe some security bits to be really useful) and a corkscrew perhaps as a warthog tail… But that is from a Design Engineer perspective as opposed to artist. 

  8. Th_Ph says:

    Love it! If the safari animals were The Big Five, it would be perfect.

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