A temper tantrum supercut, in case you felt the need to punch something today

Good afternoon! Did you accidentally scroll down into the comments section of a political website today? Maybe you got stuck in traffic, or you're expecting to? Well, here is about four and a half minutes of movies scenes depicting exactly how you feel. Supercut artist Zach Prewitt has laced together some of cinema's greatest temper tantrums. If you can't physically beat your telephone into submission without facing disciplinary action, you can watch a few famous people do that on your behalf. (via The Huffington Post)


  1. I was really hoping, after the credits rolled, we returned to see Orsen Welles still trashing that bedroom.

    1.  I can’t watch this at the moment, but I so hope that Christmas Story is in there near the top!

  2. I know it’s movies’ tantrums, but where’s Basil Fawlty thrashing his car?

    Oh!  Here it is:

    Really, I find that, in so many cases, the actor’s destruction of the set is a substitute for good acting.  Much in the same way shouting substitutes for portraying passion…

    One of the best examples of good acting of rage and passion, check out De Niro’s portrayal of Rodrigo Mendoza (no, not Rainier Wolfcastle’s arch-enemy) in The Mission – Mendoza’s pennance and salvation, and the interplay between him and Father Gabriel took my breath away.

  3. Pretty much all boys except for one?  You wanna see some angry women?  The world is about to.  And we won’t be throwing plates.

    1. I thought women were only in movies for men to try to have sex with.  You mean women have free agency?!

  4. You know how I said posting that Avengers gag real was really lame? This is 100% not that case. AWESOME!

    Post more stuff like this!!!

  5. I was kind of hoping for a clip from “Falling Down”…  I’m not even a huge Michael Douglas fan, but there was something cathartic about watching him flip out in that film.  There are lots of good scenes, but I’d nominate the one where he loses it over the seventy-five cent can of soda at the Korean corner market.

    1. Hmm. I guess there’s something cathartic about that one IF you’re an angry white male in search of Otherized scapegoats.

    1.  I was hoping someone would step up and offer to provide the top ten clips of women throwing temper tantrums in modern film. It’s tough to narrow it down, I know!

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