Zombie Disney princesses fell under a scarier, less glamorous spell than usual

Ongoing evidence that Disney and the horror genre are not mutually exclusive: zombie Disney princesses. DeviantARTist Clocktowerman has a mashup collection that will surely delight horror fans, Disney fans, and geek parents who are gently attempting to introduce the scary beasties they love into their children's lives. After the jump, see a few selections from the artist's zombie princess collection, including a full-sized version of Snow White. These ladies aren't after princes for their riches -- they're looking for a nice guy with a brain. A delicious, oxygen-rich brain, filled with blood sent from a still-beating heart.

Why they haven't made a zombie princess movie is beyond me.

Full-size Zombie Snow White

Zombie Belle

Zombie Cinderella

Zombie Ariel (zombies under the sea!)

Clocktowerman does tons of horror-inspired artwork (including Ronald McDonald), so his page is definitely worth a look.

Zombie Disney princesses seek Prince Charming -- and brains [Mashable]

UPDATE: It's been pointed out by a commenter that Clocktowerman's work is very similar to that of Rob Sacchetto, who was featured on Boing Boing for his own brand of zombie-themed artwork earlier this week. Visit Sacchetto's Zombie Portraits site so you can contrast, compare, and judge for yourselves.


  1. Why they haven’t made a zombie princess movie is beyond me.

    Technically not a princess, but Corpse Bride kind of fits the bill. (That one was produced by Warner Bros., though.)

    1. She’s SIXTEEN, you sicko.

      (But there’s a brief shot of her bare tuckus if you freeze-frame right at the end of the “Poor Unfortunate Souls” scene.)

      1. Because we all know that the magical mystical sex-ok age is 18 in every culture and country known to humanity. It is as univeral as the Planck Constants. In fact, this constant is used in the construction of all modern atomic clocks and has since replaced “42” as the answer for Life the Universe and everything. Only those who are truly “sick” would disagree. 

        1. Dang, I forgot the [/joke] tag again.

          But seriously, if you’re well into adulthood you probably shouldn’t be banging 16-year-0lds. Just sayin’.

    1. I was going to write that it clearly reflects the changing image of beauty, that the princesses were drawn as surgically enhanced (ahem, Cinderella).  But then I decided that it was probably intentional, and a subtle jab at Disney.
      Just like with jazz music, it’s always best to first assume that the artist knows what they’re doing, then start appreciating from there.

      1. really there is a whole nether-world of Burroughsian descriptors to explore here but I dare not venture too far into it. The maps are infamously inaccurate. What with the skin peeling and the turgid lips and oh!

  2. While I’m sure horror versions of Disney princesses is probably a pretty common thing, thought of doing some myself, I just feel I have to point out this other DA artist has been doing what he calls “Twisted Princesses” longer and maybe bit better (though I’m not a huge fan of either artist. [Edit to point out that not being a fan doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re good. They both are. Better than me for sure. Just not my thing for some reason]) http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/gallery/11344500. What I did like is that his weren’t all just zombies. He tried to come up with something different for each one and some sort of backstory. 

    I’m not saying these aren’t good. I’m not saying anyone took anyone else’s idea. I’m just saying, if you like these pictures you might also like this other guy’s work too.

    1. Here’s the image for those who don’t want to click through. Rob’s is on the left. Ironic he was just featured here. There are notes on his Deviant art that indicate this isn’t the first time.

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