German copyright trolls will single out cops, Arab embassies and clergy for accusations of porn downloads

Urmann is a German copyright troll law firm that represents hardcore pornographers, sending shakedown notices to accused downloaders, threatening to publicly link them with porn unless they pay "settlements" to make it all go away. They've revealed that the core of their strategy will be the publication of accusations against police stations, churches and the embassies of conservative Arab nations:

According to comments an Urmann insider made to Wochenblatt, the law firm is planning to target the most vulnerable people first – those with IP addresses registered to churches, police stations and – quite unbelievably – the embassies of Arab countries.

Urmann insists that it is completely entitled to take this action because the law is on its side. The company is leaning on a 2007 Federal Constitutional Court ruling that deemed it legal for law firms to publish the names of their clients’ opponents in order to advertise their services. However, there is some debate if the ruling applies since it was targeted at commercial opponents, not regular citizens.

Bernd Schlömer of the German Pirate Party describes the law firm’s threats to undermine the privacy rights of individuals as “shocking” and says that Urmann’s actions could be construed as “legal coercion.

Anti-Piracy Law Firm Will Publicly Humiliate The Clergy, Police & Arabs


  1. If they want a cash cow, go after the contractors working at the Pentagon. They got a sternly worded internal memo to cease, so I’m guessing they stopped. :)

  2. Not a new invention.

    Sending “fake invoices” of fake sex shops to relatives taken from death notices in newspapers.

  3. First they came for … 

    I have mixed feelings, because I’m not a fan of socially ultra-conservatives secretly porning, but I shouldn’t. 
    Copyright trolls are wrong.  Always.  By definition. 

    Urmann is going for the easy targets who are most likely to fold and settle immediately after accusation.  Easy money. 

    1. To make the conundrum even more difficult… those that pay up will have less money to commit to their own causes!

  4. So they will go based on an IP address?  That is like charging everyone in a house based solely on the address.

    1. The point isn’t to make the charges stick, the point is to drag their name through the mud publicly. So it is more like accusing everyone in a house based solely on the address.

    2. If the IP is registered to an organization (vs. a dynamically assigned address), it’s more charging the company for things. Do something on a company computer, the company gets blamed is fairly reasonable, IMHO.

      I tend to agree with @Ipo above though.

  5. First they came for the cops, priest, and Arabian diplomats,

    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t in Germany.

  6. “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

    My dad told stories of going to Mexico and seeing some nasty bestiality porn, back in the 60’s, film reel. I think I’ll call him up and blackmail him for say… his estate in will or I’m blabbing. Too bad he was an Audio Engineer, can’t ask for much.

  7. Troll: “If you don’t settle up, we’ll publicly announce that you stole porn from us”
    Victim: “Go ahead”
    Troll publishes.
    Victim launches lawsuit for libel, etc.

      1. I don’t get what he means either.

        Anyway, I think the Neal Stephenson-reading cops, priests and Arab diplomats in Germany is probably a pretty small target demographic.

  8. Haven’t you ever wondered if people who work for the church tend to watch more porn involving nuns than the average viewer?

    I have.

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