The Fawlty Towers Basil Fawlty Supercut (video)

[Video link]. So many of John Cleese's greatest Basil-isms from the BBC series "Fawlty Towers" were completely non-verbal, or consisted of a single word or grunt.


  1. How appropriate that this should appear here on Thursday. On all the other nights we’ll just have a big trough of baked beans and garnish it with a couple of dead dogs.

  2. This exactly why I could never get through more than the first episode of Fawlty Towers, because Basil is such a dick and it is inscrutiating to watch.

    1. It is inscrutiating to read the t**t that people write about something they do not like. If you do not like something, do not participate in it. If you do like something than be effusive. The fact that you have a keyboard does not give you the right to rain on other’s parades.

  3. “Cloth-eared bint” is one of my favorite phrases of all time.  I never knew what it meant until the Internet came along.  It sounds really bad, but it’s actually just a vaguely pejorative phrase meaning “inattentive girl.”  I suppose the male form would be “cloth-eared yob.”

    Never got to use either one of them in real life so far, but some day. . . .

  4.  That’s right, just smiley faces here. No criticisms, please. What do you think this is, the internet?

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