Battle on Venus

Battle on venus
He seems to be thinking: "No time to dodge! But if I get out of here alive, I can sell the idea to Ridley Scott for the climactic scene in Prometheus."


    1.  When I saw the photo, I though the exact same thing “Boy, that would be easy to avoid”… 

      Since the wheel is so large, it would be especially difficult for it to change direction.

  1. I think that’s actually the disk platter from an early hard-drive. Probably one of the 512kb models; imagine all that storage!

  2. Run to the side; when it tries to turn quickly the gyroscopic effect will tip it over and then you can stomp the vulnerable red buttons on the hub!

  3. Um, I’m pretty sure he’s saying “If the music on those giant CDs is copyrighted, I can get the RIAA to put a stop to them!”

  4. I didn’t pay a hell of a lot attention to it at the time, but in Prometheus wasn’t the situation pretty much that she was screwed anyway, because their wasn’t enough time to get out from under it one way or another?

    No excuse for the guy above, though, he could be having a picnic or calling his mom between those suckers.

    1. In Prometheus, they were running away in a straight line from a large object that was rolling in a straight line, instead of, you know…turning left.

      1. I don’t think it’s that simple.  It’s not like in the example above because the ship was also very wide as well as being long.  So in the heat of the moment with debris falling and the threat of being crushed to death, I don’t think it’s that unreasonable that somebody might might elect to try to run away from the object, calculating (or miscalculating) that it would just hit them quicker if they went to the side.  Again, I can’t remember the exact dimensions of the craft, but I think it was a hopeless situation one way or another, and Vickers simply prolonged to inevitable by running away.  Anyway, shit looked good on the screen.

  5. There seem’s to be a whole genre of giant-alien-buzzsaw cover art.  I certainly recall one from the 1930 where a flying saucer/buzzsaw is chopping up planes.  

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