Beacon Phoenix: coffee mug sized bluetooth speaker


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  1. Jeff Peake says:

    You can save $60 and buy the original product instead of the $100 rebranded version:

    Satechi ST-66BTA – $40

  2. maxkind says:

    I can vouch for the Satechi product (sold out on their website here: Nice little speaker. Paid about $50 for mine.

  3. Ian Wood says:

    I did indeed see the words Bacon Phoenix, just in passing, and for those moments my mind knew lovely mythic pictures of gloriously resurrected and feathered pork.

  4. well i love these exclusive Bambus wood based Bluetooth speakers, that were published on kickstarter some weeks ago:

  5. Steve Clark says:

    It looks to be identical to the device sold in the UK as the Desaia Beatbox for £49.99 – I own one and it’s great

  6. Andrew Gottlieb says:

    It’s not the same as the Satechi ST-66BTA, which is  similar form factor, same feature set, but no bass and no soundstage. The Satechi ST-69bts is the clone of the Beacon, but isn’t available anymore as far as I can tell. Perhaps Beacon cut a deal to be the exclusive seller of it (for double the price). It is a very nice speaker!

  7. For $39.99, it’s a good deal!

    For $99.00, I would just add another $50 and get the ultimate external Bluetooth speakers, the SoundMatters FOXL. It’s hard to describe how awesome they sound, you just have to try it. They have “second-hand-like-new” on Amazon for about $150

    Or you can get a Jawbone Jambox which is almost the exact same unit in a fancy, bulkier case for less money.

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