Beacon Phoenix: coffee mug sized bluetooth speaker

Beacon phoenixI really like the Phoenix, a small bluetooth speaker from Beacon Audio. They sent me an evaluation unit a couple of weeks ago. It paired very easily to my iPhone (unlike a lot of bluetooth devices, which are pains-in-the-neck to pair) and the sounds is loud and clear, given its size. It's a vast improvement over the iPhone's built-in speakers. Because it's so small, I find myself using it quite a bit when I'm doing work outside. It's also great for playing games and watching videos. Not sure about the lithium battery life yet, but you can recharge it with the included USB cable. I find that I use it a lot more than the Jambox, which feels too precious to take out. It's available directly from Beacon for $99. UPDATE: A couple of folks in the comments have said that the Satechi ST-66BTA ($39.99 on Amazon) is very similar, if not nearly identical.


  1. I did indeed see the words Bacon Phoenix, just in passing, and for those moments my mind knew lovely mythic pictures of gloriously resurrected and feathered pork.

  2. It looks to be identical to the device sold in the UK as the Desaia Beatbox for £49.99 – I own one and it’s great

  3. It’s not the same as the Satechi ST-66BTA, which is  similar form factor, same feature set, but no bass and no soundstage. The Satechi ST-69bts is the clone of the Beacon, but isn’t available anymore as far as I can tell. Perhaps Beacon cut a deal to be the exclusive seller of it (for double the price). It is a very nice speaker!

  4. For $39.99, it’s a good deal!

    For $99.00, I would just add another $50 and get the ultimate external Bluetooth speakers, the SoundMatters FOXL. It’s hard to describe how awesome they sound, you just have to try it. They have “second-hand-like-new” on Amazon for about $150

    Or you can get a Jawbone Jambox which is almost the exact same unit in a fancy, bulkier case for less money.

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