Free to a good home, a giant, live-in head of Humpty Hump


17 Responses to “Free to a good home, a giant, live-in head of Humpty Hump”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    Uh… dibs?

  2. royaltrux says:

    Pity there’s not a better pic. I lol’d at “…wonders if you’re ticklish”

  3. Funk Daddy says:

    I have a warehouse… I’m worried though cause transportation to Ontario is prohibitive… hmmm

    edit – anyone that wants to pay to transport it here, I’d let it live here rent free, insulated, powered warehouse, fully equipped with tools to fix stuff up, but in the middle of nowhere

    edit – okay, ima price it out, I have accounts with freight and delivery firms, I’ll post a dollar figure tomorrow or if I can’t get quotes tomorrow then Monday, in case any kind of group effort should ensue, and see if any locals would be interested in lending mad skill to fix it up besides me.

  4. mappo says:

    Big like a pickle!

  5. OJ Dorson says:

    “and Shock-G himself will deliver it to you, and promises to rent it from you for cash money if the band ever does a reunion tour. ”

    Not exactly true, unfortunately, or I’d be sending Shock-G a really excited letter including over a thousand reasons why he should bring it to me! 

    He will, though, reimburse your expenses IF he ever needs the head back… 
    “whoever grabs it up, please stay in touch, and when we next need it again, i’ll reimburse your transport, storage & cleaning expenses up to the current date, to either buy it back or rent it out if it’s no longer for sale. – shkg”

    I want it really, really badly. I do. I even know without a doubt that my wife would be double-down with this humpty-plan. But, I can’t lay out the funds even with the promise that Shock-G would reimburse me *if* they ever need it again.

    A shame, really. :(

  6. alfanovember says:

    Is the nose big enough to 69 in?

  7. BarBarSeven says:

    If you want to see exactly where this $50,000 head was used in the video, it’s at the 1:30 mark. Here is the YouTube direct link to that timecode to make things easier.

    Also, where is the guy who lived in it? Give him some respect!

  8. Ito Kagehisa says:

    I could put it in the basement, next to the giant Olmec head!

  9. pupdog says:

    Whoa. I REALLY wish I knew a Burger King franchisee that needed a new playplace…

  10. cstatman says:

    i would SO do this,  if I had the space.   if only the space.   can you imagine how much booty that massive thing would pull?    I mean,  “come back to my place to see my glass etching?”    has nothing close to “party at my crib with the Giant Humpty Head!!!!”       Nah, she’d kill me.   I cant.

  11. skyhawk1 says:

    I say send it to Easter Island.

  12. Take it to a Doctor Who convention and raffle it off as “The Face of Boe.”

  13. Mister44 says:

    ZOMG – I love Digital Underground. Sadly – no place to put giant head anywhere.

  14. Deekman says:

    That’s the second biggest Humpty head I’ve ever seen!

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