HOWTO automatically license your Instagram pics as Creative Commons


5 Responses to “HOWTO automatically license your Instagram pics as Creative Commons”

  1. What’s Instagram for? I’ve never encountered it.

    • zarray says:

      From what I’ve seen it’s like an image only twitter of what someone ate, their ugly kids, and them trying to drink like they’re 19 again.

  2. futnuh says:

    Could someone please explain the Instagram phenomenon to me?  I don’t get it.  Most Instagram images look like badly weathered 70s Polaroids.

    • SedanChair says:

      Wouldn’t it be funny if the entire art and discipline of photography was lost on almost everyone, and wacky-looking filters were all it took to make people go “crazy pic bro”?


  3. Gerald Mander says:

    I had Instagram on my phone for about 45 seconds. When I understood that I had to have an account and give my information to Facebook (who owns Instagram now), and that there was no way in hell to simply take pictures with this thing without providing that information and having to log into an account, that thing was off my phone so fast it left skidmarks.

    Surely there’s some way to use this thing without handing info to Facebook? Or are people just this gullible?

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