Jerry Nelson, Sesame Street's "The Count," RIP

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Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer behind Sesame Street's "The Count," has died. He was 78. "In Memoriam: Jerry Nelson" (Sesame Workshop, via CNN)


  1. “He was 78”

    …ah ah ah!

    How wonderful to have lived such a productive life and brought so much joy to so many people, children and adults. Rest in peace brother.

  2. Years ago when I created talking a bunch of Sesame Street games for Mattel, I had to design around Jim Henson’s and Frank Oz’s availability for doing voice recording sessions–and as result had to do LOTS of games featuring the other characters from SS. No problem: Jerry Nelson’s characters and voices were terrific! Long live the Amazing Mumford, Sherlock Hemlock and of course The Count…ah, ah ah!

  3. Sad to hear, but won’t he just pop back out of his coffin a couple of nights later? …ah, ah, ah…! :D

  4. I worked at the Muppets from ’76 to ’79, and you couldn’t find a nicer, funnier guy than Jerry. He was also an exceptional musician. He will be sorely missed. RIP.

  5. I had the pleasure and privilege to work with and know Jerry from 1982 until yesterday. He was a mentor of mine both professionally and spiritually. Our times at the Pilot Tavern (and many other venues) are legend – at least with me. I was blessed with the opportunity to stay with him and Jan for a few days last summer in Cape Cod – and while he obviously frail he still bristled with life, longing, experience, curiosity, humor and the all seeing eye of an artist connected to the flow of life. His passing was inevitable and we mourn that loss in our lives. His presence during our own existence has made us richer and wiser and more joyful. Eventually we’ll all be part of the same sea. Upon that journey the ripples and waves he made continue to steer and shape me.

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