Battle on Venus

He seems to be thinking: "No time to dodge! But if I get out of here alive, I can sell the idea to Ridley Scott for the climactic scene in Prometheus." Read the rest

Man with the world's lowest singing voice

Tim Storms holds the World Record for the lowest note ever sung by a human. He can hit a G-7, or .189 Hz. It's so low you can't even hear it, but it's measurable. I like how Tim's website says "Biography of a Bass Freak." Tim also has the world's widest vocal range for a male. He was profiled this week by NPR's Morning Edition and also CNN. You can also hear Tim perform on the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir's new album, Tranquility: Voices of Deep Calm. Read the rest

Hand-painted Makie doll

Sioux has posted her Makie Doll paintjob to the site's forums, along with extensive notes. Makies are the ivory-white, custom 3D printed dolls, and Makie owners have been experimenting with ways to bring color to their creations. Sioux's work is just fab.

Half way through the faceup I realised that my ‘sealant’ technique wasn't totally sealing. Whether it was cotton residue, makie-nylon residue from the sand-matting, pastel residue from blushing, resin residue from the spray or actual dust particles, I noticed a kind of blotching/clumping around the temples where the blushing was heaviest.

Next attempt, I can only think to do less layers (but make sure the base layer is a good enough seal) and leave each blushed layer to dry for hours/days as opposed to 15 mins (as with bjd's). As it is, the car lacquer is supposed to be left for 48 hours to fully cure (and I did 4 light coats, each 1 hour apart before leaving for 24 hrs - my logic being that a car panel is much bigger than a Makie face). So more haste less speed next time.

Jenny Head - (Jane Doe Makie) - FACEUP!!

(Disclosure: My wife is one of the founders of Makies) Read the rest

What exactly is athletic doping, anyway?

In this Smithsonian Mag piece, some background on the "high-tech, high-stakes competition between Olympic athletes who use banned substances and drug testers out to catch them." Helpful context for those seeking to understand the science behind today's news on a doping scandal specific to a certain cycling hero and cancer advocate. (via @alicialane) Read the rest

Luchador bottle opener

Clever Luchador bottle openers, available in several colors and poses for $11 from Amazon. "Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener" (via Super Punch) Read the rest

Glittery henna crown on child cancer patient in chemotherapy (photo)

Sara's Henna, a henna shop in Hong Kong where ladies go to doll themselves up with temporary designs based on Indian tradition, did something really cool: inspired by Henna Heals, they traveled to Children's Cancer Hospital Pakistan, and spent some time with Maryam, "the most patient & radiating young girl undergoing chemo, yet wearing a beautiful smile." She wore her sparkly Henna Crown for the Muslim holy day of Eid last Sunday.

This seems like a seriously awesome thing to do in pediatric cancer care centers. As soon as I get through radiation, I'm gonna talk to the peeps at my hospital about doing something like this with kids and adults in chemo. Never underestimate the healing power of a little beauty-fussing. Read the rest

Testing out a Star Wars-style hover bike in the Mojave desert

I really, really hope that this is real and not another cruel hoax by Robert Zemeckis*.

Popular Science says it's legit, and that you wouldn't need any special training to drive the thing:

Brought to you by aerospace firm Aerofex, the bike runs on a pair of powerful fans. It picks up on instinctive movements people make while riding a bicycle or motorbike, then moves in the same way (except, you know, flying), meaning anyone can have a go at it. For safety reasons, they've tested it at 30 mph and 15 feet high, although earlier versions of it went as fast as a helicopter.

Read more at Popular Science

(*shakes fist in the air* ZEMECKIS!) Read the rest

The sun is round. Very, very, very round.

The sun is the roundest natural object known to humans, according to new research. University of Hawaii researcher Jeffrey Kuhn and his colleagues used NASA's space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory to precisely measure the sun's shape. A precise understanding of the sun's roundness and the factors that shift its shape, such as sub-surface turbulence, could shed new light on changes in the Earth's climate. From National Geographic:

If the sun were a meter-wide (3.3-foot-wide) beach ball, Kuhn said, the variation in the sun's shape from the highest to the lowest point would be about 17 microns—less than the width of a fine human hair, according to the SDO measurements…

Study leader Kuhn said his team is going to update computer models of the sun's cycle to see if and how the highly accurate shape affects their behavior.

"We're not done with measurements, though. We need to follow a full 11-year solar cycle to make sure the sun isn't fooling us," Kuhn said. "By doing that we can improve the accuracy even further."

"Sun Is Roundest Natural Object Known" Read the rest

Kitten-chasing pit bulls chew up minivan

The damage above is reportedly the work of four pit bull terriers were were trying to reach a stray kitten camped out in the engine compartment of a Dodge minivan belonging to the dogs' owner. From CBS News:

The Desert Sun of Palm Springs reports an animal control officer freed the kitten following a 40-minute process that involved removing the bumper.

The kitten is OK and available for adoption at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

"Pit bulls maul Calif. minivan chasing kitten" Read the rest

Bill Nye on creationism: "Your world view just becomes crazy"

Bill Nye makes a plea for teaching our children science and preparing them to make good choices for the future. Read the rest

Rob LL Cool J at own risk

Rap star and actor LL Cool J encountered a burglar in his home. Meeting the superstar left the home-invader with several broken bones and no autograph. "The family was sleeping when their home security alarm sounded at 1 a.m., sending LL Cool J into action, according to a Los Angeles Police statement." (via CNN) Read the rest

Shirt that got Poop Strong man tossed off a Delta flight available once again!

After Arijit got thrown off of a Delta flight for wearing a TSA-mocking t-shirt I designed, a lot of people began to email, asking where they could buy one for themselves. Well, it seemed a bit weird to do a reissue and pocket a royalty for a shirt on the basis of someone else's legal hassles, so I worked with Arijit and Woot, and we've decided to reissue the shirt with all the profits being divided evenly between EFF, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Get yours today for a mere $15! Wear it with pride! Don't blame me if you get kicked off an airplane!

Also available in handsome tote form at $10 each.

Threat Level: Doctorow Read the rest

Devon Steampunk Watch: all springs and belts and such and oh my

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog to bring you a brief moment during which I will fantasize in public about having an extra $25,000 lying around so I could pre-order one of these Devon Steampunk watches.

The Devon Tread watch is arguably the most cutting edge watch made today, a timepiece of striking visuals and technology. The Tread 1 Watch features four internal 2-micron thin belts that spin within the case to display the time. It’s powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by wireless induction. This electric system runs the belts that are kept in tune with an optical technology. Add that all up, and you have one of the most technically advanced, visually stunning watches ever made. The Devon Works Tread 1 Watch was designed by a California aerospace company, a group that is quite comfortable with fitting square pegs through round holes. This watch is a prime example of their technical prowess.

Operating out of California, DEVON is the only American watch company using its own proprietary movement. In late 2010, the Tread 1 was nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve in the category of Design and Concept Watch – the first American watch brand ever to receive this laudable recognition.

Devon Steampunk Limited Edition

(Disclosure: Watchismo, who retails this watch, is a Boing Boing advertiser. This post was not requested by them, nor did they compensate me or Boing Boing in any way for it) Read the rest