Cookie Monster as Batman


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  1. heligo says:

    That was annoying. It just made me want to watch the film again. Think i’ll watch it tonight and pretend Rises doesn’t exist :)

    • heligo says:

      I watched TDK recently and didn’t find his voice too distracting at all (unlike the first viewing). It’s necessary for him to change his voice to complete the disguise.

      • copperwatt says:

        Sure but… in that case why does he keep using the voice while talking to people who know is real identity? *SPOILER* This happens several times in TDKR, and I have no idea how catwoman keeps a straight face once she knows, and knows he knows she knows.

        • retepslluerb says:

          Haven’t seen the movie yet, but staying in character seems like a good habit to me in this case.  It’s like doing a pre-launch check by the list, even if you have that memorised or  turning off the breaker if you do work on a lamp, even if you switched it off and the like.

  2. I absolutely loved this, I was laughing so hard, everyone was looking at me.  Thank you for this post.

  3. galileo says:

    Was it Cookie Monster doing the voice of Batman or … Tom Waits? 
    I’m so confused. 

  4. lecti says:

    And Kenny is Bane.

  5. garyg2 says:

    Tempted to say I enjoyed that more than any of the films (kinda with David Cronenberg on superhero movies…)

  6. From Fernando F. Croce’s spot on review of The Dark Knight, Why so Pretentious:

    “To be fair, The Dark Knight did provide the most chilling moment I have had at the movies all summer. I giggled at the ridiculous growl Bale employed from under his Batman mask, and was readily met with death stares from my neighboring viewers: Holy Mass had been violated.  Please. Dude dresses like a bat, and suddenly cinema at long last fulfills its potential? It’s bad enough when rabid fanboys become so prissy  about the film’s “awesomeness” that they fuse into one huge, fat-assed Comic Book Guy declaring “Worst critic ever!” at any questioning review; it’s doubly depressing when the critics themselves swallow the hype machine’s baby food and call it caviar for the ages.”

  7. Tim Drage says:

    Pretty much the only thing that got me through The Dark Night Rises was the fact that Bane has the vocal delivery of Dr. Sanchez from Darkplace:

    Don’t mention it.

  8. grimatongueworm says:

    Cookie Monster – Origin of om nom nom.

  9. benher says:

    The last 3 seconds were the payoff for me.

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