Cookie Monster as Batman

Utubelor figured out where your sense of deja vu at Christian Bale's "Batman" voice comes from. [Video Link]


  1. That was annoying. It just made me want to watch the film again. Think i’ll watch it tonight and pretend Rises doesn’t exist :)

    1. I watched TDK recently and didn’t find his voice too distracting at all (unlike the first viewing). It’s necessary for him to change his voice to complete the disguise.

      1. Sure but… in that case why does he keep using the voice while talking to people who know is real identity? *SPOILER* This happens several times in TDKR, and I have no idea how catwoman keeps a straight face once she knows, and knows he knows she knows.

        1. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but staying in character seems like a good habit to me in this case.  It’s like doing a pre-launch check by the list, even if you have that memorised or  turning off the breaker if you do work on a lamp, even if you switched it off and the like.

  2. Was it Cookie Monster doing the voice of Batman or … Tom Waits? 
    I’m so confused. 

  3. Tempted to say I enjoyed that more than any of the films (kinda with David Cronenberg on superhero movies…)

  4. From Fernando F. Croce’s spot on review of The Dark Knight, Why so Pretentious:

    “To be fair, The Dark Knight did provide the most chilling moment I have had at the movies all summer. I giggled at the ridiculous growl Bale employed from under his Batman mask, and was readily met with death stares from my neighboring viewers: Holy Mass had been violated.  Please. Dude dresses like a bat, and suddenly cinema at long last fulfills its potential? It’s bad enough when rabid fanboys become so prissy  about the film’s “awesomeness” that they fuse into one huge, fat-assed Comic Book Guy declaring “Worst critic ever!” at any questioning review; it’s doubly depressing when the critics themselves swallow the hype machine’s baby food and call it caviar for the ages.”

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